C9 show off new VIKING class expansion TEASER

Sep 16, 2015 by

The wind, roaring in from the ocean to beat at the village of Kamagua, tore at the hides that stretched over frames made of the bones of great sea creatures. When the storm passed, the tuskarr whose home this had been for years uncounted knew they would need to repair or replace nets and traps. Their dwellings, sturdy though they were, were always harmed when this storm descended. They had all gathered inside the large group dwelling that had been dug deep into the earth, lacing the flaps tight against the storm and lighting smoky oil lamps.

A new expansion C9, ninth seal continent, will be released free to play the game on June 23 in. This new piece of information called “Baltic King” will be the Vikings, a new fishing system, adding a new class of aircraft.

Vikings are a proud warrior who has protected the ancient dragon nest Recko deep in the mountains. Unlike other fighters, they have been passed down from ancestors, and allow them to freeze their enemies a special “Frost capability. However, it is very different Elementalists and caregivers of elemental magic.

Found himself running dungeons physical exhaustion? C9 of the new fishing system will give you something else to do while you charge. Head back to the village of Waterford first continent to participate in the new system, perhaps fish in syrup, hosting, skill books, etc. certain incentives.

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The Free Character Boost Dilemma

Aug 26, 2015 by

So apparently “dilemma” has two m’s in it, I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole life so far without typing or writing “dilemma” before. Well, I suppose I might have wrote it but spelt it wrong.

So I’m in a bit of a pickle, the level 90 boosts have come and I am completely unprepared. I have no idea what to boost. Here’s my current roster.

Not sure why I bothered blacking out my character names, but whatever.
I really like healing; my top four characters are all ones that can heal, and have healing as their main spec (in the case of my priest it’s both specs). This makes me lean towards getting a Shaman because this would give me one of each healer 85+.
The Priest, Paladin, Warrior, Hunter, and Death Knight are all out of the question, because it’s really not worth it to me to waste this freebie on 5-10 levels. I’m also not really interested in the free profession if I chose a 60+ character because levelling professions are easier than characters, and I’m not exactly hurting for professions either.
The other options is a Warlock, which I think I would have some fun with, but it would be my first pure DPS class I’ve ever played at max level. I don’t know if it’s really my thing, when I OS DPS I’m pretty bad at it.
Maybe I should sleep on this. Again.


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Sword Coast Legends delayed a few weeks

Aug 20, 2015 by

The D&D role-playing game Sword Coast Legends has been delayed from 8 September to 29 September.

Not the longest delay we’ve ever seen, and if those three weeks result in a polished and lovely release, I’m all for it – especially because Sword Coast Legends looks like something a bit special. It’s a D&D RPG, yes, but with co-op play and a fully-fledged Dungeon Master mode, letting one player either walk the others through a carefully-designed module, or set things up on the fly and adjust challenges as the need arises. It looks really, really good.

As consolation for that three week wait, N-Space and Digital Extremes have released a few new screenshots, and noted that the game’s first DLC – Rage of Demons – will be free to everyone who pre-orders.

Interestingly, the press release’s headline notes that “Head Start Access Planned for Pre-Launch”, but the press release itself makes absolutely no mention of this. I’m guessing that we’ll hear more about this shortly, but it sounds like those who pre-order will get access before everyone else. Or maybe they’re planning a very brief Early Access period? Or… oh, I don’t know.


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Mafia 3 revealed with CG trailer, screens, and details

Aug 20, 2015 by

It should come as little surprise that Mafia 3 was revealed in a more substantial way at Games, as 2K had said that was exactly the plan.

The CG trailer (no gameplay, sadly) and accompanying details confirm that the third installment in the series will be making the switch to New Orleans. Or “Norlins,” if your name is Gabriel Knight. The year is now 1968, which gives new development studio Hanger 13 a good excuse to splash the licensed music budget around.

Hendrix and The Animals both appear in the trailer. If you’re feeling pedantic (and I am,) that should mean Mafia 3 takes place quite late in 1968, because Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower” cover wasn’t released until September of that year.

Anyway, that’s the by-the-by. Or by-the-Bayou, as much of the trailer takes place in the swampy outskirts of New Orleans. Protagonist (and former Vietnam soldier) Lincoln Clay has a lot to say about family. He’s fallen in with the black Mob, and very much fallen out with the Italian Mob. That’s unfortunate news for the guy he has tied up in his car.

Mafia 3 is promising a “cinematic narrative that responds to player choice,” set in what sounds like a pretty open city of New Orleans. At the very least it’s said to be one which “responds to Lincoln’s actions,” as he sets about getting revenge on the Italian mob and setting up his own criminal network.

Here’s the trailer, which also features a last minute appearance from Mafia 2’s Vito. A few images follow beneath that.


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Battleborn is born to battle on 9 February

Aug 20, 2015 by

Gearbox’s (predominately) co-operative FPS Battleborn will be released on 9 February, preceded by an open beta on an as-yet-undisclosed date.

The main story mode can be played through alone with one of the 25 available characters, or in co-op mode with lovely online chums. Or weirdo strangers. Whichever you prefer. The non-PC platforms also get split-screen, but, as tends to be the case for PC, we won’t be getting that option. When will developers learn, eh?

Battleborn also has three competitive modes of play, each of which are 5v5 affairs.

Along with the news of a release date and semi-news of an open beta in the future, Battleborn’s Games announcement-fest comes with details about four of those 25 heroes.

There’s Benedict, an arrogant Avian with a rocket launcher. Mellka, an assassin whose life has been a series of disappointments up to this juncture, which makes her really, really pissed off and prone to using nerve gas on people. Ambra, a priestess looking for eternal life who can deal close-up melee damage while healing companions at the same time. And Reyna, known as “The Valkyrie,” and leader of the pirate Rogue faction.

You can read more about each of these characters on the Battleborn blog. The new Gamescom trailer is below.


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Early Access: Is it working?

Jul 28, 2015 by

Being in somewhat of a ‘main game’ lull, I’ve been looking over my 100+ list of Steam games of late. In particular, I’m checking back in with a some of the Early Access titles I’ve purchased in the past but have long since stopped playing. Some I stopped playing because they sucked, but others I played enough to say “this is going to be good” and waited for more development to happen. Consider this a half-time review of Early Access.

Some games haven’t been updated much, which leads me to believe they never will be. Those are the worst examples of Early Access, and the titles that sour people most on the entire thing. If you are a dev responsible for such a title, finish your damn game or go play in traffic, thanks.

Other titles have gotten updates, but either the ‘vision’ has changed, or the updates just don’t do it for me. Sometimes an early access game will be in such a state that you believe something good will come of it, because there isn’t enough there just yet to really know, and once the devs do hit those critical ‘pull the game together’ parts, it just doesn’t work. While these titles aren’t great games, they aren’t a terrible example of early access either. You are buying in early to see how a game shapes up. It won’t always shape up how you expected, and since the price is generally low, that’s not the worst thing in the world.

Then there are the titles that either made it out of Early Access as great games, or are still in Early Access but are clearly progressing and getting better as time goes on. If the devs throw in some stuff about how the Early Access-based funding has contributed to the game improving, all the better. It’s these titles that show the true strength of the system, especially for titles in genres or themes that aren’t viewed as major sellers or ‘viable’ by suits.

Finally, sometimes a title is in Early Access for so long that, despite it being ‘finished’, feels old or dated. Whether its the graphics, or the ‘unique twist’, or the combination of features, sometimes the gaming landscape changes so fast that what was cool or interesting a year or two ago is now tired and boring. Great games and great ideas age well, but sometimes a quirky little title just stops being quirky.

Overall I can only say I’ve truly regretted a small percentage of Early Access purchases, and have been very happy with many. I like the system, and while not perfect, is a plus to gaming IMO.


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