Sword Coast Legends delayed a few weeks

Aug 20, 2015 by

The D&D role-playing game Sword Coast Legends has been delayed from 8 September to 29 September.

Not the longest delay we’ve ever seen, and if those three weeks result in a polished and lovely release, I’m all for it – especially because Sword Coast Legends looks like something a bit special. It’s a D&D RPG, yes, but with co-op play and a fully-fledged Dungeon Master mode, letting one player either walk the others through a carefully-designed module, or set things up on the fly and adjust challenges as the need arises. It looks really, really good.

As consolation for that three week wait, N-Space and Digital Extremes have released a few new screenshots, and noted that the game’s first DLC – Rage of Demons – will be free to everyone who pre-orders.

Interestingly, the press release’s headline notes that “Head Start Access Planned for Pre-Launch”, but the press release itself makes absolutely no mention of this. I’m guessing that we’ll hear more about this shortly, but it sounds like those who pre-order will get access before everyone else. Or maybe they’re planning a very brief Early Access period? Or… oh, I don’t know.