Echo eternal life extension in Aion

Aug 7, 2016 by

Continue their relentless pursuit of perfection NCSoft MMO, because they announced yet another massive expansion update was released critically acclaimed free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, Aion. A large number of new extension, the eternal echo, in the long history of Aion and new content to the game, one of a group of the most expectations. The Aetheric field shrinking, a new threat emerged to Atreia’s survival is threatened. This is the first time players will be able to find a powerful artifact that can save the world of Atreia, but in the cost of access to Aion as Elysea or Asmodae if used, may be reduced.

Echo eternal Features:

Increased maximum level: Players can progress to 75, and became a powerful Archdaeva
New instance: the eternal and Drakenseer den file
New area: Norsvold and ILUMA
New weapons and equipment, including the project team and the worlds Indigo Phoenix project set
For more information, please see the official website.

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F2P game average steam GETS 330K Download

Sep 16, 2015 by

“Eat up, eat up.” Reshad gestured to the food. Such glorious things were to come for his people, he knew, but it was not yet time to celebrate. There was work to be done, remnants of the past to overcome. “You will need your strength in the days ahead. We all will…”

Sergei Galyonkin fearless data collection has an interesting API tool called steam spyware, which aims to collect what the game is about how much steam and the number of advertisements. While it is not perfect, by Galyonkin own admission, it is still a fascinating look at the trends and the raw data, usually unavailable. Moreover, according to a recent blog post Galyonkin, free-to-play games ruling the roost steam.

As shown above, the average F2P game on Steam at a ratio of only 55,000 330,000 owners of leading non F2P class, role-playing games. The original figure is impressive, but there are some considerations:

First, all of these data using steam classification system, so some games may be counted as both F2P and RPG title. Second, Galyonkin pointed out, most people have never paid downloads F2P game; he used to estimate 10%, this would mean that the typical F2P game 33000 “buyers”, which put it in line with other categories. Thirdly, although it does not apply much F2P games on Steam spy “owner” does not necessarily mean through Steam “sales”; the game could have been bought at a retail store, through a humble bundling.

Finally, if you look at his steam spy page, press owners, you will see the Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 5128000000 list of the top owners in writing this article. This is to ensure a solid margin throw off the average. Then again, the same can be said of non F2P games, such as the sky or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there may be a lot of poor quality F2P games along with thousands of downloads to drag down average limping. It’s easy to see why well-made F2P games like TERA and PlanetSide 2, eager to steam, in order to increase the potential of their hundreds of thousands of players in the pool.

Early access to really have a lot of other interesting insights blog posts, like what the game went well in other countries, the collapse of the (DOTA 2’s huge in Russia, duh), and how to launch a game, no matter how many developers may be consider other ways. It is worth reading.

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Getting Started in Warlords of Draenor for Effective WoW Gold Farming

Aug 26, 2015 by

World of Warcraft can get pretty confusing most of the time, with all the expansions and updates. Don’t worry, though! Here’s a quick overview of how to get started in Warlords of Draenor so that you won’t have to worry about losing too much of your hard-earned WoW gold.

wow gold draenor
Warlords of Draenor Level 90 Boost for WoW Gold Farmers
You were given a level 90 boost when you bought the expansion. In the event that you haven’t purchased the expansion, just enjoy the regular WoW first. Once you’re level 90, you’ll have to do start with your quests whilst keeping in mind the end goal to get your first set of gear. As you begin the quests, you’ll be able to unlock your much desired gear and new abilities. If you’re in need of more gear, you can always buy WoW gold from other players.
Taking the First Steps for WoW Gold Farmers
The first thing to do is speak with Khadger. There is one in major city and one outside of the Blasted Lands. Once you speak with him, he will take you to an instanced version of Tanaan Jungle which would be the old Hellfire Pennisula. At any rate, you’re going to port straight to an instanced situation and there is no way to skip it, however you can group with another player and do it.
Basic Tips for Warlords of Drainor WoW Gold Farmers
Try not to obsess over dying. It’s fine, as you get a free revive at regular intervals of 3 minutes.
Supported characters after launch are granted skills all through the accompanying quests, however you can queue for an instance to unlock everything on the double or change specs.
The main piece of the journey will have you take a shot at turning the dark portal off. Things are going to get confusing by the mission markers, but anyway, most everything is usually down the stairs, with the entrances near Khadgar. When you reach the end of “The Portal’s Power,” you won’t need to battle Gul’dan.
The following part is in the jungle. “Blaze of Glory” obliges you to use the quest item beside the huts.
In the Kargathar Proving Grounds you’ll have to slaughter 100 NPCs. Simply stay alive and slaughter anything that assaults you as your NPC party will complete the process of everything off anyway.
In the cave, you will discover an NPC (Yrel for Horde) that grants you a quest.
After finishing whatever it is left to do in the cave, you’ll exit and need to take on a cannon. Amid “A Taste of Iron” don’t hesitate to simply overlook the tanks or anything, as nothing will come up short the journey.
Completing Everything for Wow Gold Farmers
You’ll be either in Shadowmoon Valley or Frostfire Ridge afterwards. The main journey arrangement is going to unlock your garrison, or base of operations. After the first story arc, you will obtain the ability to fly to Ashran, which is the PvP quest hub and central city.

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How many more people will we allow Blizzard and WoW to murder?

Jul 28, 2015 by

I think its about time someone took up the righteous cause of saving the world from murder/suicide-assisting MMOs and the evil that they bring. Now you might be saying “But SynCaine, surely the developers are setting proper limits here and not encouraging such things?”, but you would be wrong.

When this little angel got tricked by evil Blizzard, did they change the game? Or did they further push the boundary limits of their suicide-assistance machine with more social-engineering grind? Did they step in to stop the evil, or did they add more daily quests? Did they add a whole new method of gameplay (garrisons) that further preyed on the weak-minded? How many have died? And how many more will die, just because evil Blizzard is left unchecked, and their evil supporters have long stood with them and get off on the deaths of others for pageviews, clicks, and maybe a free coffee?

Well not anymore my beautiful internet! It’s time we, the non-evil, stand up, rise together, and say no more! No more assisted-suicide via themepark grinds! Shut them all down (except FFXIV, that game is fine), and let us live in a more peaceful, evil-free world! Where only such virtuous titles like EVE Online exist, where CCP has been so merciful as to allow progression when offline to not commit the evils that Blizzard and their ilk have.

It’s time internet! Good men must not sit idle as these atrocities continue! Join me, and together, we can save the world from this this evil!


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Jul 18, 2015 by

The war of words between developer Derek Smart and Star Citizen isn’t over yet. A recent livestream for a German fan channel saw director of community engagement Ben Lesnick addressing fans not just on the future of the game but on the recent controversy and the issue of refunds. Lesnick specifically stated that this sort of skepticism is why the game went to a crowdfunding platform and that supporters will see incredible progress in the coming weeks.

Lesnick also stressed that everyone is welcome to his or her opinions and that Smart is hardly the first (nor likely the last) person to raise similar concerns regarding the ambition and scope of the game. It was also mentioned in passing that the next planned update to the game’s test servers will likely be delayed to next week.

It should be noted that Lesnick’s interview was conducted before Smart’s most recent demands were published.


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Batman: Arkham Knight team “working like crazy” to fix it

Jul 1, 2015 by


Now that Batman: Arkham Knight’s sales have been suspended on Steam and other retailers such as GreenManGaming, Rocksteady’s Setton Hill says it’s a top priority to get the game fixed. In a Tweet he commented:

“Totally supported decision to suspend PC version. We have our best engineers at Rocksteady working like crazy to help fix the issues ASAP.”

It sounds like much of the fixing work has been brought in-house and perhaps the PC port developer IronGalaxy are less hands-on when it comes to sorting out this mess. Hopefully we’ll hear more next week and find out exactly when the game will go back on sale along with a status update on the fixes.

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