C9 show off new VIKING class expansion TEASER

Sep 16, 2015 by

The wind, roaring in from the ocean to beat at the village of Kamagua, tore at the hides that stretched over frames made of the bones of great sea creatures. When the storm passed, the tuskarr whose home this had been for years uncounted knew they would need to repair or replace nets and traps. Their dwellings, sturdy though they were, were always harmed when this storm descended. They had all gathered inside the large group dwelling that had been dug deep into the earth, lacing the flaps tight against the storm and lighting smoky oil lamps.

A new expansion C9, ninth seal continent, will be released free to play the game on June 23 in. This new piece of information called “Baltic King” will be the Vikings, a new fishing system, adding a new class of aircraft.

Vikings are a proud warrior who has protected the ancient dragon nest Recko deep in the mountains. Unlike other fighters, they have been passed down from ancestors, and allow them to freeze their enemies a special “Frost capability. However, it is very different Elementalists and caregivers of elemental magic.

Found himself running dungeons physical exhaustion? C9 of the new fishing system will give you something else to do while you charge. Head back to the village of Waterford first continent to participate in the new system, perhaps fish in syrup, hosting, skill books, etc. certain incentives.

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