F2P game average steam GETS 330K Download

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“Eat up, eat up.” Reshad gestured to the food. Such glorious things were to come for his people, he knew, but it was not yet time to celebrate. There was work to be done, remnants of the past to overcome. “You will need your strength in the days ahead. We all will…”

Sergei Galyonkin fearless data collection has an interesting API tool called steam spyware, which aims to collect what the game is about how much steam and the number of advertisements. While it is not perfect, by Galyonkin own admission, it is still a fascinating look at the trends and the raw data, usually unavailable. Moreover, according to a recent blog post Galyonkin, free-to-play games ruling the roost steam.

As shown above, the average F2P game on Steam at a ratio of only 55,000 330,000 owners of leading non F2P class, role-playing games. The original figure is impressive, but there are some considerations:

First, all of these data using steam classification system, so some games may be counted as both F2P and RPG title. Second, Galyonkin pointed out, most people have never paid downloads F2P game; he used to estimate 10%, this would mean that the typical F2P game 33000 “buyers”, which put it in line with other categories. Thirdly, although it does not apply much F2P games on Steam spy “owner” does not necessarily mean through Steam “sales”; the game could have been bought at a retail store, through a humble bundling.

Finally, if you look at his steam spy page, press owners, you will see the Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 5128000000 list of the top owners in writing this article. This is to ensure a solid margin throw off the average. Then again, the same can be said of non F2P games, such as the sky or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there may be a lot of poor quality F2P games along with thousands of downloads to drag down average limping. It’s easy to see why well-made F2P games like TERA and PlanetSide 2, eager to steam, in order to increase the potential of their hundreds of thousands of players in the pool.

Early access to really have a lot of other interesting insights blog posts, like what the game went well in other countries, the collapse of the (DOTA 2’s huge in Russia, duh), and how to launch a game, no matter how many developers may be consider other ways. It is worth reading.

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